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Brown Sugar Cinnamon French Toast with Maple Almond Syrup

Soft and fluffy brown sugar and cinnamon crusted french toast with sweet maple almond syrup

Cinnamon Sugar Cookies

Slice and bake Cinnamon Sugar Cookies have a slight caramel flavor and pecan edges.

Chocolate Modak

Chocolate modak is simple and easy to prepare, everyone loves it specially kids.

Nutella Stuffed Sugar Cookies

Old fashioned soft and chewy sugar cookies stuffed with creamy Nutella. It’s as delicious as it...

Lauki Ki Burfi

Lauki ki burfi is very tasty & easy to make.

Seviyan Kheer

Seviyan Kheer is a delicious dessert that is full of texture, flavored with cardamom, saffron &...

Cherry Blueberry Pie

The quintessential summer dessert!

Coconut lime bites

These coconut lime bites are crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside, with a pop of bright...

Paneer Butter Msala

Paneer Butter Masala is a very popular Indian vegetarian curry.

Peaches and Cream Sweet Babka Bread

Sweetened yeast-risen babka bread with ribbons of local peaches and vanilla cream cheese. Topped...


Cinnamon Sugar Tortilla Hearts

A great activity to do together for Mother’s Day [or Valentine’s Day!] with your young children...

Sticky Honey Sriracha Drumsticks

Chicken drumsticks baked with a honey sriracha glaze. The meat is so tender it falls off the bone...

Churro Popcorn

Skip the deep fryer and make churro popcorn completely from scratch. It's sweet, chewy, and crunchy...

Waffles for breakfast

I made fluffy waffles for breakfast. Fancy some? Come this way!

Valentine Sugar Cookies

This is the perfect sugar cookie recipe that holds it shape for decorating!

Royal Icing

If you've ever wanted to make fancy cookies, this recipe is your perfect go-to source!

Cinnamon Bun Cookies

The sweet taste of cinnamon buns wrapped up in sugary cinnamon cookies. All the flavor for half the...

Mint Raita

Mint raita is a refreshing & flavorful raita.

Easy Homemade Buttermints

Melt-in-your-mouth buttermints that are surprisingly easy to make at home.