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Lasagna Burger

Juicy beef loaded with sauce, creamy ricotta and gooey mozzarella!

How to make a burger. And how not to make a burger

Variations on a theme of burgers.

Salisbury Steak w/Onion Gravy

Simmered in a gravy of caramelized onions, this Salisbury steak dinner is a hit every time.

Family-Sized Bacon Cheese Burger

A giant hamburger with bacon and cheese that can feed the whole family.

Gluten Free Roasted Pepper Turkey Burger

Gluten free grilling at its finest! A homemade gluten free hamburger bun topped with a roasted...

Hamburger Steak with Onion Gravy

Hamburger Steak with Onion Gravy: One of my favorite easy weekday meals :) Moist and flavorful...

Hot Stout BBQ Sauce Burgers

Hot Stout BBQ Sauce Burgers

Volcano Buffalo Burgers

Volcano Buffalo Burgers

Tomato Basil Cheeseburgers

How to cut out 280 calories and 22 grams of fat from your cheeseburgers!

Jack Daniels Burgers

These delicious Jack Daniels Burgers taste almost exactly like the ones from TGI Fridays, but–...


Bacon BBQ Blue Burger

This is an amazing recipe for a delicious burger equipped with Bacon, BBQ sauce and blue cheese! It...

Smothered Hamburgers

Hamburgers cooked in a rich brown gravy, served atop creamy mashed potatoes

Deep Dish Cheeseburger Pie

Cheesy, spiced beef baked in a cheesy, savory crust. Dinner heaven!

Hamburger Soup

A thick and hearty soup made with ground beef, tomatoes, corn and seasoning.

Greek Lasagna

Meat sauce, pasta and Bechamel Sauce together make a cheesy one dish casserole.

Classic Patty Melt

Ground beef pairs perfectly with lots of melted Swiss cheese and sauteed onions in this classic...

Eggs Florentine Burgers

Make your heart explode with these burgers topped with spinach sauteed in beef drippings, a poached...