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Peanut Butter Bulgur Waffles

Creamy peanut butter and whole grains bulgur baked together into delicious vegan waffles.

Peach Quinoa Papaya Parfait

Enjoy this summer dessert that is invitingly refreshing and induced with seasonal flavors.

Caramelized Strawberry Sauce Pancakes

Healthy, vegan and dairy free meal for mother's day.

Quick Spinach Sauce Bread

Light and fluffy yeast free vegan bread ready in just 25 minutes and baked in the home oven.

Iron Rich Veggie Beetroot Curry

Healthy and Vegan dinner with 152 calories only and ready in minutes.

Black Beans & Brown Rice With Garlicky Kale

A quick, vegan and glutenfree lunch option to add variety to your healthy diet.

Oatmeal Almond Pizza Crust

Yeast free, Vegan and Healthy pizza base recipe for all the pizza lovers who wants to maintain a...

Pan Roasted Raspberries Bread

Back to school Lunch Box Vegan Recipe

Mixed Green Farro Salad & fresh fig

A vegan salad for a healthy diet with the goodness of farro and fresh figs.

Vegan Sooji Halwa

Vegan version of Sooji halwa with pineapples and pistachios