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Not my grandma’s bacon kimchee fried rice

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Hello and welcome to my blog. This blog is a documentation of my cooking adventures and ramblings of my daily life. I started cooking in 2010 after sitting around the house bored out of my mind. I was laid off from my job and 10 months pregnant. I had been watching cooking shows for years, but it never occurred to me to actually cook something. The first thing I tried to make was bread. The first batch ended up in the trash but the second batch came out warm and soft out of the oven. I was so proud of myself for making home made bread and I haven’t stopped cooking since. I was cooking and posting pictures of my food on FB when a friend suggested I enter a food contest or start a food blog. I chose the food blog, so here I am and here you are. What is this blog about? This blog is a product of my complex food brain. I don’t exclusively cook a certain type of food or strictly bake. I cook everything and anything that inspires me. I was told that there are two types of people? There are people who eat to live and there are people who live to eat. I live to eat. During breakfast, I think about lunch and at lunch I think about dinner. The thought of food and cooking consumes most of my thoughts. . Other than cooking and food, these are the things that define who I am. I am Korean American. I was born in Seoul, Korea and moved to the nothern suburbs of Chicago when I was 7. I moved around a lot and eventually ended up going to Architecture school in Chicago. I was working as an architect for 7 years when I got laid off. I was unemployed, broke and generally a hot mess when I met the love of my life. We produced a beautiful baby boy and we are engaged to be married next year. I don’t claim to be an accomplished home cook and my recipes are mostly not original. I see what other people have cooked and try to see if I can replicate it. Sometimes I put my own spin on a recipe and sometimes I stick to the recipe. Sometimes I succeed and sometimes I fail miserably. You will see both successes and failures in this blog. My blog won’t always be pretty pictures and perfect recipes. When I fail, I will tell you what I think went wrong and what should be done to fix the problem. To sum it all up, I am an inspired home cook who loves to try out new recipes and if I can inspire one person to do the same, I consider this blog a success.

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