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How to Cook Filipino Beef Afritada in a Crock Pot

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My name is Shobee and welcome to The Skinny Pot. I love food, travel and just talking about life, mistakes and things learned from them. I am learning photography as well. My mission is to help prepare meals for busy working moms which, I am now, and to help a stressed out housewife in preparing simple meals to keep her sanity, as I was a housewife too for 8 years; so I know what you are going through. The foods I serve here are the foods I eat and make myself. I hope you like making them and of course, eating them. I usually cook the food in batch, because we/I bring some leftovers to work… As you go along, you will find me telling stories about my life growing up in the Philippines , being influenced by my grandma and my experience with food while sharing them with her. And how I adapt my Filipino palate to the new ingredients I find here in the USA.