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chettinad paneer

Cottage cheese cubes simmered in fresh aromatic gravy using whole spices.

Country Slow Cooker Coq au Vin

The secret to delicious, slow cooked Coq au Vin is easy: make it with white wine. A chicken recipe...

Pork Roast with Root Vegetables

A simple tender pork roast with crunchy crackling. Served on top of a variety of roasted root...

Phyllo Potato Pastries

Phyllo Potato Pastries-flaky pastries filled with melt-in-your-mouth potato filling.

Creamy Avocado Bacon Poutine Skins

A poutine-inspired twist on potato skins, filled with onion, bacon and cheese curds & topped...

One Pot Mexican Rice Casserole

One Pot Mexican Rice Casserole-a super simple and delicious weeknight entrée or side dish option!

Stuffed Peppers with Cabbage Rolls

Sometimes you want to change old dish a little bit. Stuffed Peppers with Cabbage Rolls a good...

Cheese Smothered Enchiladas

The best of both cheese and beef enchiladas in one easy, family-pleasing dish!

Blackened Chicken Fajitas

Blackened chicken fills in for traditional fajita meat in this easy weeknight dinner!

Shrimp Shau Mai

This is yummy, and pretty easy to put together, the wrapping wll be a little wrinkly. It not only...


Strawberry Lemonade Energy Bars

A chewy energy bar that is both tart and sweet!

Nyonya Style Chicken Curry Recipe

A rich Nyonya Chicken Curry, also known as Kapitan Chicken Curry, that is the epitome of Malaysian...

Minty Dog Treats

Use FRESH mint from the garden. My dogs LOVED these!

carrot rice

Easy and quick carrot rice using left over rice loaded with crunchy peanuts

Fully Loaded Tex-Mex BLT Dogs

Fully Loaded Tex-Mex BLT Hot Dogs with Avocado Cream. Make your 4th Fabulously Flavorful with...

Cansu’s Stuffed Zucchinis

Delicious, baked stuffed zucchini, a variation of the classic Turkish dish, altered to make very...

Egg Biryani

Bringing to you moderately spiced Egg biryani all the way from India. Rice cooked with boiled eggs...

DIY Fire Cracker Popsicles

Celebrate Summer with your own version of DIY Firecracker Popsicles! These homemade treats consist...

Pancit Bihon

Filipino dish, Pancit Bihon, or Vermicelli rice noodles with shrimps and veggies.