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torta salata veloce di verdure

Con questa ricetta poi ci si può davvero sbizzarrire, inserendo tutte le verdure che più vi...

Pan de pascua

A not so traditional but delicious pan de pascua recipe, perfect for christmas time!

Apple Strudel Recipe

What kind of pastry with apples do you love: a traditional apple pie or taten? Apple strudel recipe...

Very berry scones

Vegan berry scones filled with fresh berries and coconut cream.

Mini Matcha Mochi Doughnuts (gf)

Mini Matcha Mochi Doughnuts (gf) made by my 8 year old. These gluten free baked doughnuts are...

Grape, Orange and Olive Oil Friands

A unique twist on friands. Full of protein and healthy fats.

Swirly-Cone Dinner Rolls

These dinner rolls are going to be the talk of your next feast! An adorable twist on the classic...

Italian Sweet Ricotta Easter Pie

Something wonderful happens to ricotta when you add a little sweetness to it.Try this Italian Sweet...

Chocolate Mocha Muffins

A moist espresso chocolate muffin with a hint cinnamon and dark chocolate chips.

Rum-Soaked Raisin Scones

Delicate, golden scones filled with plump, rum-soaked raisins and served with a dollop of loquat...


Mocha Espresso Coffee Cake

Mocha Espresso Coffee Cake with Pecan Streusel and a Sticky Sweet Glaze. Addictively Delicious!

Nutella frangipane empanadas

Sweet and easy empanadas stuffed with a hazelnut and Nutella frangipane (recipe)

Simple Braided Nutella Bread

Happy Nutella Day! Come see how I celebrated with this simple braided nutella bread.

Ferrero Rocher Muffins

These Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Muffins highlight the beautiful combination of hazelnut and...

Pineapple Cake

Pineapple cake has a unique flavour & taste which is wonderful. The cake is very spongy &...

Lemon Cupcakes with Raspberry Frosting

Tart lemon cupcakes with a sweet raspberry frosting.

How to Core a Cupcake…and Fill it with Fun Stuff!

Use this easy technique to up your cupcake game! Fill your cupcakes with an array of delicious...

Olive and cheese stuffed puff pastry recipe

Olive and cheese stuffed is a perfect snack for party or high tea snack idea. The trick was to...

Homemade Italian Biscotti

Delicious Italian family recipe. Holiday crowd pleaser. Perfect coffee mate.