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You love food?  We do too!  With so many awesome food blogs and recipe sites around  it’s almost impossible to keep up to date, thousands of different recipes and interesting articles available, that’s where FoodSpreading comes in.

What is FoodSpreading?

FoodSpreading is a user driven, visual content-sharing community for food bloggers and food enthusiasts. Basically a great place to share and discover amazing and delicious food.

With FoodSpreading you can register an account, start your own collection of entries, share them with your friends and family, spread the word, get exposure, get more traffic and share with everyone the awesomeness of food.

How to use FoodSpreading

Using the site is simple, when an entry is submitted and approved, it will appear.  Each entry is composed of several different elements which are used for different purposes.  The images below show the anatomy of a posted entry.

How it works

Featured Image – This is the main part of the entry. The image represents what the original article or post is about.

Entry Title – Shows the title of the original article or post.

Description – Describes what the original article or post it about.

Like Button – Used to “Like” an entry,  used as “votes” it is important to mention that likes are different from favorites. Anyone can like an entry.

Like Count – Is the number of  likes or votes a single entry has received.

“Check it out” Button – This takes you to the original article or post.

Report Entry – Used to report an entry if the owner wants to.

User Name – The username of the users that shared the entry.

Favorites – Use this to add to your favorites.

Entry Number/Permalink – Shows the number of entry and by clicking it it takes you to the  individual page of the entry.

View Count – Displays the total number of views an entry has received.

Who are we?

We’re a small media publishing company formed by an incredible and multicultural team with various interests and fields of expertise.  Our goal is to provide a vibrant platform and dynamic community for food bloggers, enthusiasts and food lovers.

We invite you to start submitting your entries, save your favorites and build your own collections.  Make the most out of FoodSpreading, have fun and get inspired.

foodspreading team